NATURIGIN All Day Hairspray

NATURIGIN All Day Hairspray

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Natural Hair Styling

Ultra Protective.
Ultra Volumizing.

natural hair styling


Pure Natural Hair Styling:
All Day Hairspray

An advanced formula to style, strengthen and protect for an all day natural hold.

NATURIGIN offers you a natural line of beauty and care products that are created from a simple vision: True beauty is organic and the products of NATURIGIN must, without compromise, be as natural and clean as natural ingredients available offer. NATURIGIN All Day Hairspray is made of a unique and exclusive formula with Certified Organic Argan Oil and enriched with Vitamin E. A unique ability to deeply penetrate the hair while adding layers of structure to the independent hair strands help to enhance resilience and strength, especially when used. 100% free of sulfate, parabens and chlorine.